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Intel® Core™ i7 processor

About the Intel ® Core ™ i7 ProcessorWhether you're a serious multitasker or multimedia enthusiast, performance problems. So, why limit yourself? Unlock your full potential with a smart performance end of the Intel ® Core ™ i7.Ultimate balance of style and performanceThe combination of larger cache size and a higher frequency gives the best performance for most tasks berat.Intel ® ◊ 1 Turbo Boost TechnologyYour processor speed automatically when the PC you need ekstra.Teknologi performance Intel ® Hyper-Threading Technology ◊ 2Eight-way or four-way multitask processing allows each core of your processor to work on two tasks at the same time, provide the performance you need for smart multitasking.
Giving big, travel lightGet smart ending balance of performance and style with a sleek new laptops powered by Intel ® Core ™ i7, Intel's top processors designed for ultra-thin laptops. Packed with rich features, including an enhanced battery life, the superstar mobile force light enough to carry all day.

Enjoy broadband internet across the city with 4G WiMAXA laptop with Intel ® Core ™ and WiMAX 4G wireless technology gives greater PC performance with super Internet speeds four times faster than 3G

Set yourself free with intelligent performance of a laptop denganIntel ® Core ™ processor and 4G WiMAX wireless technology.

Find the Best Buy * View all Intel ® Fast, smart, and totally connectedEnjoy the convenience of broadband internet across the city at speeds up to four times faster than 3G. ◊ With 4G WiMAX, you get a quick, easy access to high speed mobile blazing performance so you can interact with friends, video streaming is fast, and download or upload large files in sekejap.Ambil ultra-fast connectivity to yourTake advantage of the good performance of Intel ® Core ™ processor in the laptop is equipped with ultra-fast 4G wireless technology WiMAX, and you will have access to where you want ◊ for large HD entertainment online, keep in touch with friends, and stay productive in anywhere. So, stop worrying about where you will connect from, and started to get excited about what you will connect to!4G WiMAX service providers


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