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Drummer Joey Jordison Profile (Slipknot)

Background and Facts

Nathan Jonas Jordison (born on April 26, 1975 in Des Moines, Iowa), better known as Joey Jordison, is an American drummer and guitarist. He is famous for his role as drummer for nu metal band Slipknot during the 1990s and 2000s and substituing to drummer John Dolmayan of System of a Down for October 31, 2001 concert as well as to fill Metallica Drummer in 2004's Download Festival. Joey also went on tour with Korn in 2007 before they started recording a new album and when Corey and Jim was with Stone Sour and Slipknot are hiatus. . He is also known as the guitarist for Murderdolls, a glam metal / horror punk band that was founded in the 2000s, which is currently on hiatus due to side projects 'members' Murderdolls.SejarahAcara what exactly pushed Joey into his love for metal? Joey started his passion in 1982 at the age of six years, after seeing news reports stating that a metal star had bitten the head off a bat the night before. "I immediately thought that Ozzy ruled". Soon after he bought the "Blizzard of Oz" album and the disease began. "This does not leave me to this day, This is meant to be It's like Ozzy bit the head off the bat to pass the torch way early on, to another sick band .."Joey drumkit First: He's got this in 5th grade, having previously played guitar in several bands old elementary school. Drum set came to him as a surprise gift from her parents, they had asked him to go into the basement to find records "Elton John", with wonder Joey in the basement he found a fully set up drum kit.While in high school, Jordison attended a jazz school and hang out with cousin Steve Allan White. This is very helpful to improve its ability to drum, which has since made him the highest score by drummer music media around the world.Jordison had worked at a gas station in Waukee, Iowa and played in various extreme metal bands from around the Des Moines area, including Modifidious and Anal Blast. Slipknot released an album in 1996 Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat named. Only 1000 copies were ever made and sold throughout the world. It was not until their second album that they began to get significant attention, noted at a respectable # 51 in the Billboard chart. Jordison, along with his band, played in several Ozzfest tour, headlining tour in 2001.Another Slipknot album "Iowa" was released in 2001 this saw Jordison's band reaching super-star, the album debuted at at # 3 in U.S. Billboard charts and number # 1 well in the United Kingdom and Canada's national song. After touring relentlessly, Slipknot went on hiatus.During this time Jordison remixed "Fight Song" for Marilyn Manson and was also featured in Manson video "Tainted Love". In 2002, Jordison, with Wednesday 13 and Tripp Eisen, forming what would become the second most popular band, Murderdolls.He played un-masked with the Murderdolls and they recorded the album "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls". The glam metal / horror punk band became very popular (in the UK and China in particular) before the group went on hiatus in order for Jordison to return to Slipknot. Jordison is still playing with Slipknot but has been disbanded Murderdolls, Wednesday has started a solo career with 2 albums, the newest Fang Bang. Wednesday and Joey said they were busy with other bands at the moment though Murderdolls could reform in the future.Since returning to Slipknot, Jordison record with the group's fourth album, "Vol 3 (The Subliminal Verses).", Released in 2004. This album rose to # 2 on the Billboard chart, and also reached # 2 status in the UK.In the summer of 2004 at the Download Festival, Lars Ulrich of headliners Metallica became ill, and could not perform with the band. Jordison and Dave Lombardo improved and filled in for Ulrich. Joey played most of the set with Metallica. In December 2004, Joey filled in for drummer Frost Norwegian black metal band Satyricon for the band toured the United States after Frost was not to enter into the country. He also drummed for the Department of their tour for the album Rio Grande Blood.
Other ShitRoadrunner UnitedBaru recently, Jordison played a major role in the commemoration of 25 years of Roadrunner Records, the label of his recordings are both bands - Slipknot and the Murderdolls - signed into. Jordison was one of four "team captains" for the project. His role involved organizing a "core band" of other musicians past and present on the Roadrunner label, and choosing vocalists to sing his songs. Jordison produced, wrote, and played drums on the songs Annihilation By Hand Of God, Tired 'N Lonely (also played bass guitar), No Way Out (also played bass guitar), Constitution Down and Enemy Of The State. It is said that in the first meeting of the musicians on the label Roadrunner for the approach to this project, Jordison is the first name that pops up. On the DVD for The All-Star Sessions, Jordison can be seen working on the tracks in a studio in Des Moines, Iowa, and was not wearing his famous kabuki mask Slipknot.


There is meaning behind the mask of every member of the Slipknot '. They are a reflection of their personality or personal experience of the past. Jordison Japanese Noh mask reflects a personal experience, when he was younger his mother wore a mask when he came home from a Halloween hangover. He is afraid of emotional gaze of the mask. In the early days of Mate Feed Kill Repeat (album) he wore one plain white. For Self-Titled album Slipknot, he decorated with a few stripes and dots of paint. In Iowa he painted with fake blood all over the mask, and for Vol. 3 he did design variations on it, more famous with claw slashes. He also quotes: "The design makes it possible to feel however you want to feel, intimidating, malicious or deviant All things held in one mask.". his new mask showed at the Fuse Fangoria Award-gray with black markings.Joey wore a Japanese expression "" kabuki "mask that is now marked with red paint look darker black for him. The idea when one night (Halloween, mid 80's) mother waited up for him and we he came home garbage, hiding behind the door her mother in a robe with a Kabuki mask, she said scared the fuck out of her MEANING:. "It's open and it has different meanings so much that you can not just pin point, stereotype or pigeon hole. Could be love, beauty, hate, disgust - it's all in one "!FaktaDia says he's 5'4 but in reality he is 5'3. He is an incredible drummer and he can also play guitar. He is fussy, small, and just really down to earth. He was the shortest of many and also one of the original members of Slipknot. Prior to joining he was part of the band Anal Blast. Joey coined the term now commonly used maggot and apparently he also has an obsession with Fiona Apple. Joey has written many songs, one of the Scissors which appeared on the album-self titled, which consequently mixed by him as well. Joey reaches the nickname "Superball" after one show that Slipknot played crap, so he was angry and started "bouncing around the room" Joey worked at a record store called "Music Land" and a gas station called "Sinclair". He worked at the garage four nights a week for 10 hours after tempted by a friend, to get their jobs. Despite receiving bad grade in school because of devotion to music, he eventually graduated with honors
People? Joey likes to wear a black hood that says "Little People Kill People." The tribal "S" which originated as their logo was originally drawn by Joey, was then used as a tattoo for Anders and get promoted to a Slipknot emblem. Joey also drew the main Slipknot logo, and a large "K" and "T" may come from the fact that at that time he was a huge KoRn fan. Joey is also really into a lot of Death Metal bands and a big fan of "Kiss" seeing them as super heroes larger than life, other bands he loves is "Black Sabbath". Joey used to cut off arms and legs off his coveralls, so that boys are easier to beat on things.KutipQuote sign - "! Ross (Robinson) crazy One time, when we were recording here, he threw me a potted plant that exploded on the wall above my head and dirt into my mouth was amazing ...

"Video games, sleeping and sex."



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