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Burgerkill Bandhardcore From Indonesia

undefinedBurgerkill is a hardcore band originating from the city of Bandung, West Java. The band's name is taken from a name fast food restaurants from America, that Burger King, which then by their diparodykan become "Burgerkill". Burgerkill also referred to as the king of metal bands Indonesia

Burgerkill established in May 1995 came from Eben, scenester who moved from Jakarta to Bandung to continue her schooling. Of the schools that Eben met with Ivan, Kimung, and Dada as a line-up first. The band started as a side project that does not have juntrungan, just a bunch of kids jamming Their metal ax-hard while waiting to call original band gig. But not for Eben, he felt that the band was his life and tried to think hard for Burgerkill can be recognized in their communities. When it's their job to get more gigs in Jakarta through a hardcore friends Eben, that's where the enthusiasm of people underground to Burgerkill loud music started and the phenomenon has unwittingly born in Indonesia.
As a result the early band line-up is also not running smoothly, a series of underground musicians name never entered the ranks of member Burgerkill until finally arriving at a solid line-up today. Began in 1995 when they just think for a gig, go home, exercise, show again and so on. No one else on their minds, but everything changed when they managed to release his first single via underground phenomenon Richard Mutter who released a compilation cd of bands in Bandung in early 1997. Other names like Full Of Hate, Puppen, and Cherry Bombshell also entrenched in the compilation entitled "Masaindahbangetsekalipisan" is. It is beautiful that time period underground music. Everything is new and new Things people stoked! No half track Revolt! from Burgerkill into the opening number on the album which sold 1000 copies within this short time.
After knowing the pleasure of working on the recordings, these children do not ever feel like stopping, and at the end of 1997 they again participated in the compilation of "Breathless" by including the song "Offered Sucks" in it. Beginning their journey in 1998 continues with the release of singles Blank Proudness, the compilation Ujungberung Grindcore bands called "Independent Rebel." That when it was released by all the major labels with wide distribution in Indonesia and also in Malaysia. After that name more and more decorate Burgerkill concert flyers around the underground music community. The Antics Went higher, the more serious fans waiting for their presence on the stage. Burgerkill the Hardcore Begundal!
Around early 1999, they received offers from independent record companies of Malaysia, Wild Child Records ended with a deal to release the album Split Three Ways in conjunction with the band Infireal (Malaysia) and Watch It Fall (France). Relations with the underground network in Malaysia and Singapore has continued until now. Burgerkill be subscribed zine cover independently in these countries and the increasing impact with their fans from the neighbor country. In 2000, Burgerkill finally managed to release their debut album with the title "Two Sides" and 5000 tapes are in print by the indie label from Bandung, Riotic Records sold out exhausted devoured fanatics who can not wait a long time. In the same year, the band also released the single "Everlasting Hope Never Ending Pain" by compiling "Ticket To Ride", an album that benefits are donated for the construction of a skatepark in the city of Bandung.
The latter had become a bridge into a new era Burgerkill, where their early songs created by the result of the influence of bands Oldschool Hardcore, Name it: Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Sick of it All, Insted, Etc.. Over time, they began to open up other influences. Get influence from bands Newschool Modern Metal and Hardcore with a faster beat and more aggressive, while also riffs powerchord energetic condensed part of the songs Burgerkill and complemented by fill-in guitar is more interesting. These kids are never satisfied with what they produce, they always wanted to do more by continuing to open themselves to new influences. Almost all the loud music format devoured and interpret into a song, so Burgerkill increasingly honed and developed into adults. Song after song they collect to become a full material release a second album.
Mainstream Achievement Some even had they felt, one of which was nominated Best Independent Band NewsMusik style magazine in 2000. In early 2001 they had successfully cooperated with a sports apparel company American products: Puma is for 1 year support every time Burgerkill do staging. And since October 2002 a clothing products from Australia: INSIGHT also support them in every appearance.
Mid-June 2003, Burgerkill became Indonesia's first hardcore band who signed a 6 album contract with one of the largest in the country a major label, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. And after the end of 2003, Burgerkill successfully released their second album with the title "Rustic". The songs on this album is much more progressive and full of techniques that more honed than previous albums. Almost no longer feel straight forward and simple moshpart standard hardcore style band that is reflected from their early singles. In sectors with fixed forward vocals depressive and dark shades, the character vocals vocalist Ivan Bengal bolder motherland raised by the writing language and a clearer articulation of words. And in the music sector, Toto, Eben, Andris and their new guitarist Supreme increasingly daring to explore new areas not previously explored any loud music groups in Indonesia.
A surprise comes in the middle of 2004, through the album "Rustic" Burgerkill get into one of the main nominations Achievement in one of the biggest music event in Indonesia, "Ami Awards". And surprisingly they successfully won the annual award for the category of "Best Metal Production". An achievement that probably never crossed their minds, and for them it is a big responsibility that should they prove through their works next.
In early 2005 amid their busy preparing material for their third album, Toto decided to leave the band for 9 years he had built together. But this incident does not make children Burgerkill broken spirit, they returned remodel their formation by moving Andris from position to position Bass Drums and continue the process of writing songs using additional bass player. In line with the completion of the cultivation material third album, precisely November 2005, decided Burgerkill contract with Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia because there is no agreement within the project's third album. So guys ... these kids always have great spirit to keep blowing Their power, and eventually they agreed to continue releasing the 3rd album "Beyond Coma And Despair" under their own label Revolt! Records in mid-August 2006. The third album has a very deep meaning for all personnel Burgerkill both sound, structure, and format of music that they contributed very different from the two previous albums. The material is more severe, strict, technical, and brave they contributed to the maximum in each of his tracks.
But there was no ivory that is not broken, the biggest tragedy in the course of their career was inevitable, the vocalist Ivan finally the last breath in the middle of the process of launching their new album at the end of July 2006. Inflammation of the brain has claimed the lives of a community icon loud music in Indonesia. Without realizing all of the lyrics Ivan on this album as if to indicate the condition of that time Ivan, equipped personal storylines and depressive who disguised as a sign of the final journey of life. "Beyond Coma And Despair" an album for Ivan Scumbag latest offerings that have become a friend, friend, brother full of talent and dedication along with the character of amazing work. Burgerkill was grieving, but they are still confident to continue the journey's musical career has been more than a decade they were living, and certainly by presenting a new vocalist in their bodies today. Finally after going through the process of Vocal Auditions, they found Vicki as new Frontman for the next stage in their career.
And in early January 2007 they have successfully held a series of tours in major cities in Java and Bali in order to promote their new album. Ticket sales targets in each city that were always able to penetrate them, and also ludesnya ticket sales in several cities indicate the amount of public enthusiasm for rock music in Indonesia against Burgerkill appearance. A story written just wouldn't Enough, wait for the surprises and listen to their new album, watch the concert and feel Sensai loud music that you will never forget ... Burgerkill Begundal HARDCORE IN YOUR FACE, whatever!

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