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Paramore Biography

Year Established: 2004
Formed in: Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Zodiac: Pisces
Famous since the single "Misery Business" from album "Riot!" (2007)Paramore Profile
Date of birth

Place of birth
Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Popular Since
Single "Misery Business" from album "Riot!" (2007)

Rock band Paramore was formed in 2004 in Franklin, Tennessee, United States. Paramore name comes from the mother's maiden name of the band's first bassist. After Paramore personnel know that the word has the same sound with a word which means paramour lover, so they decided to adopt the name Paramore became the stage name rock band.

In the journey, the band has undergone personnel changes. Formation The first consists of Hayley Williams (vocalist), Jeremy Davis (bassist), Jason Bynum (rhythm guitar) and two brothers Josh Farro (lead guitar / backing vocals) and Zac Farro (drums). In 2005, two initial personnel that Jason and Jeremy leave from the band. For the rhythm guitar position was handled by Hunter Lamb (2005a € "2007) before being taken over by Taylor York. While the position of bassist John Hembree had handled before finally returning held by Jeremy.
It can be said in 2005, is a crucial period of the band Paramore. Along with personnel changes, Paramore also released her debut album "All We Know Is Falling" (2005). Fortunately, his debut album managed to attract the attention of rock fans and sold more than 400,000 copies across the United States. The name Paramore increasingly skyrocketed when they have the honor to perform at the famous movie soundtrack album "Twilight". In the album, Paramore brought two singles namely "Decode" and "I Caught Myself". Thanks to the single "Decode", Paramore won a Grammy award nomination for Best Song Written For Motion Picture. As for some of Paramore's singles also became hits like "Pressure" and "That's What You Get". Until now, Paramore has released three albums namely "All We Know Is Falling", "Riot!" (2007) and "Brand New Eyes" (2009).


Deni hermawan 15 Maret 2011 20.27  

rumah vocalis paramore dimana?

Ady Xp 15 Maret 2011 22.14  

di tokojo wayyy

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