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Iron Maiden, Phenomenal Metal Band of All Time. Up The Irons!

Iron Maiden"Up The Irons" is a slogan salute to the greatest heavy metal bands in history, Iron Maiden, from the fans around the world. Just as the slogan "Get the Led out!" For the band Led Zeppelin.Kalimat The Irons itself refers to the teams West Ham United. As it turns out, the bassist from Iron Maiden (Steve Harris) are the fans and players had signed up as a young school football teams are in the mid 70s. He had been a talented amateur football player and often make a picture or writing on the bass guitar club, and he stated that his first ambition before the music was to become a professional soccer player.

Iron Maiden is heavy metal band of British origin, precisely from Leyton in East London, which formed at Christmas 1975. Iron Maiden coordinated by the founder of this band, which was also once the bass player and songwriter, Steve Harris. Since the beginning of its establishment until now, the band has released a total thirty-five albums: fourteen studio albums, nine live albums, four EPs and eight compilations.

Iron Maiden have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, including 75 million albums through EMI Records label. Iron Maiden won Ivon Novello Awards as an international achievement in 2002, and is also listed on the "Hollywood Rock Walk"-a "Hall of Fame" created as a tribute to more than 170 musicians and artists, including Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Judas Priest on their influence on the history of the music industry on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California on their American tour in 2005.
Up to October 2009, Iron Maiden has been performed in 2000 during a live show in their amazing career.
1. Early Years (1975-1978)
The name Iron Maiden Harrisdari obtained a film of The Man in the Iron Mask novel adaptation of "The Vicomte de Bragelonne", by Alexander Dumas, which he watched at the time. Iron Maiden is a set of tools of torture from the 18th century.
Steve Harris and Dave Murray (guitar) was recorded as the personnel of the oldest Iron Maiden was in the band. Most of their first vocalist, Paul Day, was fired because it is considered less energy and stamina on stage. Then his position was replaced by Dennis Wilcock, a Kiss fan of bands that use fire, make-up, and fake blood in each performance.
Dave Murray
Wilcock friend, Dave Murray, joined the band to replace those who are frustrated guitarist, Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance Harris, who led his band to temporarily disband in 1976, although eventually the band was formed shortly after guitarist Dave Murray signed as a single.
Iron Maiden recruited another guitarist in 1977, Bob Sawyer (which causes a rift between Murray and Wilcock) encourage Harris to dismiss Murray and Sawyer.
A gig (music event) small in Bridgehouse in November 1977 with the arrangement of temporary personnel, Tony Moore on keyboards, Terry Wapram on guitar, and Barry Purkis on drums, followed by Harris's decision to dismiss the entire personnel. Dave Murray then pulled back and by recruiting as their drummer Doug Sampson.
2. Start Famous (1978-1981)
Paul Di'Anno
A vocalist that they held auditions at the Red Lion pub in Leytonstone be an opportunity for them to find Paul Di'Anno. Paul's voice is distinctive and heartbreaking make more amtang hallmark of this band.
Iron Maiden then play from stage to stage for three years without ever record their music at all. In the new year 1978, they recorded a demo, The Soundhouse Tapes. Which contains four songs alone, but sold five hundred copies in a few weeks.
One track that is in the demo, "Prowler", occupies the first number on the Heavy Metal Soundhouse charts in Sounds magazine owned by Neal Kay. First appearance on the album is on the compilation Metal for Muthas (released February 15, 1980) with two early versions of the song "Sanctuary" and "Wrathchild".
Dennis Stratton
From 1977 to 1978, Murray was the sole guitarist in the band Iron Maiden, until Paul Cairns joined in 1979. But shortly before the band entered the recording studio, Cairns left the band.
Some guitarists get out and go after another to replace him, until eventually the band found Dennis Stratton.
Actually at that time Dave Murray wants to withdraw his childhood friend, Adrian Smith, but Smith was busy with his own band, Urchin. Drummer Doug Sampson was also replaced by Clive Burr (who was brought in by Dennis Stratton). In December 1979, Iron Maiden arrived at an agreement with major record company, EMI.
Iron Maiden's first album release in 1980, Iron Maiden, occupies the number four on the UK Albums charts in the first week the album was released, and with the Iron Maiden became one of the leading movements of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. In additional tracks, the album includes songs that many preferred their original like "Running Free", "Transylvania", "Phantom of the Opera", and "Sanctuary", which is not released in the UK, but U.S. release and re-releases.
Clive Burr
Iron Maiden playing on the tour who was very famous in the UK, Metal For Muthas Tour and Europe 80. They also became the opening band Kiss Kiss European tour in 1980, the Unmasked Tour. Iron Maiden Judas Priest also contributed in recent times. After the Kiss tour, Dennis Stratton was fired from the band due to reasons not match the creativity and personal. Stratton was replaced by Adrian Smith in October 1980.
In 1981, Maiden released their second album, titled Killers. This album contains many songs that are actually written to their first album, but not so because it was too much. With songs that have been cooked and played throughout the tour, Maiden just added two more tracks for their second album: "Prodigal Son" and "murders in the Rue Morgue" (which is where the title was taken from Edgar Allan Poe's short story).
Adrian Smith
3. Success (1981-1986)
In 1981, Paul Di'Anno began to show self-destructive habits, to start using drugs, although Di'Anno himself did not admit it. His appearance began to become worse just when the band began to achieve major success in America. At the end of 1981, sacked On Iron Maiden Ano and seek a new vocalist.
Bruce Dickinson, the band Samson, elected by Iron Maiden as the new vocalist in September 1981 and immediately joined the band shortly afterwards.
He was directly involved with Iron Maiden on small tours. To anticipate the next album, Iron Maiden played songs like "Children of the Damned", "Run to the Hills", "22 Acacia Avenue" and "The Prisoner" on their show, to introduce a new sound that will they do to fans.
Bruce Dickinson
Dickinson's debut with Iron Maiden in 1982 is The Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden album that brought the first time into the charts at # 1 on the UK Albums and also the Top Ten in many countries.
For the second time Iron Maiden perform on tour, visiting the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK, and Germany.
Their tour in America became a controversy when Iron Maiden is claimed to be satanic by the current American political situation is conservative, because the title of their album. The group of Christian activists destroyed the recording Maiden (along with Ozzy Osbourne) in protest against the band.
Dickinson at that time still have the attachment to a contract with management Samson, and are not permitted to add its name to the list any other band's songwriters. However, he still could contribute to Iron Maiden with their creativity in many songs.
Nicko McBrain
In December 1982, drummer Clive Burr ended his relationship with Iron Maiden because of personal problems and also problems with the tour schedule. He was replaced by Nicko McBrain, previously of French band Trust. Soon thereafter, in 1983, Iron Maiden album Piece of Mind, which reached # 3 on the UK charts, and the first time in the North American charts, with the ranks of the charts to 70 on the Billboard 200. Piece of Mind success with the single "Flight of Icarus" and "The Trooper".
Shortly after the success of Piece of Mind, Iron Maiden released Powerslave on September 9, 1984. This album contains songs that are liked by the fans like "2 Minutes to Midnight" "Aces High", and one song lasted 13 minutes which is based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem of the same title, "Rime of The Ancient Mariner".
4. Experiments (1986-1989)
Their return from holiday, Iron Maiden adopt a different style on the 1986 studio album which they titled Somewhere in Time. This is not an album-concept, however this album is themed around a time-travel and the themes associated with it, history, travel time, and a long journey. This album is, for the first time in the history of Iron Maiden, using a synthesizer on bass and guitar to add texture and layers to their sound.
Results of experiments in Somewhere in Time appears also on the album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son of release in 1988 then. Adding eksprerimen, Maiden made it into a concept album which tells the story of a mystical child, who has the power of clairvoyant (psychic).
For the first time, Iron Maiden use the keyboard in a recording, as opposed to guitar synthesisers on the previous album. Music Critics claim that the experiment produces the release of more preferred. The album became their second album that was ranked 1 on the UK charts. Festival in Donington Park, August 20, 1988, visitors reached 107,000 people; number of visitors to the festival ever in the history of the festival. Another band also appeared at the festival include Kiss, David Lee Roth, Megadeth, Guns N 'Roses, and Helloween.
In 1990, for close to ten years in the release of their singles, they released The First of The Years, a series of 10 CD and double vinyy 12 ". Between February 24 and 28 April 1990, in each series were released, there are two single Iron Maiden, including B-sides.
5. Unrest (1989-1994)
Janick Gers
In 1989, after touring with Iron Maiden, guitarist Adrian Smith released a solo album with his band ASAP, entitled Silver and Gold. In this break time, their lead singer Bruce Dickinson started working on a solo album with Janick Gers, guitarist Gillan (Ian Gillan band, Deep Purple), released the album Tattooed Millionaire in 1990.
Soon afterward, Iron Maiden regrouped to work on a new album, but it turns out Adrian Smith chose to leave the band due to lack of enthusiasm. Janick Gers who eventually elected to replace Smith and become a new member of the Maiden the first time again after 7 years of Iron Maiden was never any change of the composition of personnel. The album No Prayer for the Dying, terilis in October 1990.
In 1993, Bruce Dickinson left Iron Maiden to pursue a solo career further. However, Dickinson agreed to keep in mind with his band with a farewell tour and two live albums (later released in sau package).
6. Blaze era (1994-1999)
In 1994 Blaze Bayley, Iron Maiden auditioned hundreds of vocalists, from the famous to the obscure, until finally chose Blaze Bayley, former Wolfsbane vocalist. Bayley had a different vocal character by Bruce Dickinson, who finally get a more diverse revenue.
After two years of vacuum (vacuum and three years without a new recording) Iron Maiden back in 1995. Releasing The X Factor, Iron Maiden obtain the lowest achieving them in order of UK charts since 1981, only reached the order of 8. Their songwriter, Steve Harris, is experiencing personal problems with his marriage at the time, and the fans and critics feel the tone on that album as releksi from it.
On the album there are songs that lasted 11 minutes, "Sign of the Cross", Iron Maiden's longest song since the previous "Rime of the Ancient Mariner".
Iron Maiden back into the studio to work on the Virtual XI, which was released in 1998. The album was mtercatat as the lowest selling album, failed to reach total sales of one million copies for the first time in the history of Iron Maiden.
7. Reunion (1999-2005)
February 1999, Bayley left the Iron Maiden with the permission of both parties (Bayley and Iron Maiden) are both allowed. At the same time, Iron Maiden fans of their surprise when he announced that Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith back into the band, with Janick Gers stay in it.
Iron Maiden so has three guitarists and a reunion a big success, The Ed Hunter Tour. The tour was also supported by the release of Ed Hunter, a computer game, taken from the name of Iron Maiden mascot, Eddie.
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden studio album release of the first time after Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith back, is an album in 2000, Brave New World. Continuing a thematic album with "The Wicker Man".
World tour they did after the release of that album, contains 100 dates and culminated on January 19, 2001 at Rock in Rio festival in Brazil, where Iron Maiden perform in front of about 250,000 people. Appearance was recorded and released on CD and DVD in March 2000 with the title Rock in Rio.
In 2005, Iron Maiden announced a tour to commemorate 25 years since the release of the band's first album, Iron Maiden, and 30 years of the band stand. The tour is also in order to boost their sales figures DVD entitled The Early Days and throughout the tour they only played material from their first four albums.
As part of the celebration of their early days, The Number of the Beast was re-released and is ranked 3rd in the UK charts Chart. The Early Days Tour includes concerts on many stages and festivals, including their historic appearance at the Ullevi Stadium in Sweden, where Maiden perform in front of 60,000 fans. The concert was also broadcast on satellite television across Europe to 60 million viewers.
8. A Matter of Life And Death (2005-early 2007)
In the spring of 2006, Iron Maiden released A Matter of Life and Death. Which album is not a concept album, with war and religion are recurring themes in the lyrics-the lyrics, as clearly depicted on the cover of his album.
November 2006, Iron Maiden and their manager Rod Smallwood announced that they will end their working relationship with Sanctuary Music that has existed for 27 years, and starting a new company named Phantom Music Management. No significant changes occurred.
Bruce Dickinson
The second part of the tour "A Matter of Life and Death", which was dubbed "A Matter of the Beast" to celebrate 25 years of age album The Number of the Beast, including their appearance at several major festivals in the world. Iron Maiden announce berancana to play five songs from A Matter of Life and Death and five from The Number of the Beast as part of the theme of the tour. But in fact they only played four songs from The Number of the Beast. They play in the Middle East for the first time the event Dubai Desert Rock Festival in 2007, in front of 20,000 fans of. They performed the first time appears in India, Bangalore, in front of 45,000 people at the Bangalore Palace Grounds. The first time a big heavy metal bands perform there it is a milestone for India.
9. Recent Years (late 2007-present)
Ed Force One
5 September 2007, Iron Maiden announced the "Somewhere Back in Time World Tour. Their tour setlist consisted of their success in the era of the 80s, with emphasis on the Powerslave era for set design and stage. The tour that started from Mumbai, India, in February 2008; where Iron Maiden played in front of nearly 30,000 people.
The first part of the tour consists of 24 concerts in 21 cities, traveling over 50,000 miles by private plane "Ed Force One". They play for the first time in Costa Rica and Colombia, and also the first time again in Australia since the last time they played there in 1992.
12 May, Iron Maiden released their new compilation album, titled Somewhere Back in Time. That includes songs from their first album to debut in 1988, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, also includes some live versions from Live After Death. With a single concert at Twickenham Stadium, UK, this tour became the first in the history of the Stadium is used for band performances. The last part
tour, lasted from February and March 2009, where the Iron Maiden for the first time appeared in Peru and Ecuador, and the first time they come back to New Zealand after 16 years. Iron Maiden also appeared for the third time interval of 2 years in India-at Festival Rock in India 2009, with an audience of 20,000 people. The tour ends in Florida on April 2.
January 20, 2009, Iron Maiden announced that they will release a documentary film in the cinema-cinema on 21 April, titled Iron Maiden: Flight 666. A film that is recorded on the first part of the tour "Somewhere Back in Time" them, from February to March 2008. Flight 666 produced by Banger Productions and released by Unversal Music Group in America, and by EMI records for at kegara other countries.
And this year, 2011, Iron Maiden will shake Indonesia. They held a concert in Jakarta and Bali.


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