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Holbox Island Tour Sea Mexico

What can we say about Holbox............but that it is the place were we go to relax.
Holbox island relax in holbox mexicois located on the north cost of the Yucatan peninsula its approximately 40 kilometers long by 2 wide and 85% of the island is still untouched by civilization. No paved streets exist. Most people walk everywhere they need to go or they move around with golf carts, which you can rent. The sunsets are something that you must enjoy and get ready for. i.e. prepare a nice bottle of wine and make sure it chilled, find a nice spot on the beach and enjoy the moment. Take photos so people back home believe you. During the day their is lots of activities, walk down the beach and find shells, go fishing or bird watching, or rent a boat and go to beaches that are to far to walk and enjoy the peaceful beach, go a find the whale sharks (read more below) or or or i can keep on going about things to do or do nothing and simply relax.

Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour:
Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour in HolboxI this tour you get to see the biggest fish in the world, the Whale Shark. The shark is found in tropical and warm oceans and lives in the open sea. In the Gulf of Mexico they can be seen during the months of June to September in a place called Cabo Catoche. Here you will be able to watch and swim with these amazing creatures. It is a unique experience to see the whale shark; if you are in the Riviera Maya its a well worth trip to make. Obviously we cant guarantee that you will see them, however in 5 years that the tour has
operated he have not seen the in 3 occasions. Also along the way you will see turtles, manta rays and dolphins.

Here is a brief description of thewhale sharks tours in holbox mexico Whale Shark:
whale shark is a filter feeder. Feeds on phytoplankton, macro-algae, plankton, krill and small nektonic life, such as small squid or
Its mouth can be up to 1.5 m (5 ft) wide and can contain up to 300 rows of tiny teeth.
It has an average speed of 5 kilometers per hour, making it a very slow swimmer and easy to follow while snorkeling.
The Whale Sharks skin is like sand paper, unfortunately you will not get to touch them.
I personally have encountered a whale shark of 10 meters long (30 feet)
They are completely harmless, how ever you have to keep your distance from the fins, because the are like sand paper and if hit by them can leave you a nice skin burn.

whale sharks yucatan mexicoTour Itinerary:

Cost from Holbox: (per person)
$80 USD per person
(includes boxed lunch and coffee break, swim with the whale sharks, local guide and snorkeling gears).

Cost from Playa del Carmen & Cancun: (min. 6 people) $220 USD per person
(includes ground transportation in air-conditioned van from / to your hotel, private boat to Holbox, box lunch and coffee break, swim with whale sharks, professional snorkeling gears, local guide and three courses menu in a local beach restaurant).

What to bring:
Sunscreen protection, baseball cap for extra protection, (all our boats have a covered space to sit under), sun glasses, extra t-shirt,
towel, camera (waterproof one if you have one), extra cash, swimming suit and medicine against nausea.
If you want, feel free to bring your own snorkeling gears and spirit of adventure.

Tour Schedule:
(subject to change, all times are approximate)

04:00am – 05:00am I know it starts early but if you want we can arrange for you to stay a night in Holbox and there for your tour would
start later and enjoy the day in Holbox and take the tour the next day and then come back to your destination in the Riviera Maya.
Departure from Cancun and Riviera Maya towards Holbox

07:30am – 08:00am
Briefing, coffee break and start of the whale shark tour.

09:00am – 09:30am
Arrival in Cabo Catoche. There you will be able to swim with whale sharks
and possibly see as well manta rays, turtles and dolphins.

12:00pm – 1:30pm
Trip back towards Holbox. The tour ends here for people staying in Holbox
but with an extra charge of 12 USD they can join the three course lunch.

1:30pm – 3:00pm
Three courses lunch in a local restaurant on the beach and possibility of having
a small tour by foot in the village of Holbox.

5:30pm – 6:30pm
Return to the hotel.

Other important details:
Reserving this tour with us means contributing to sustainable tourism
You need to book your tour at least 3 days prior.
Maximum group size 30 people, maximum size per boat 8 people.
This tour is not suitable for people having severe physical or motor handicaps, nor for people with heart problems.
This tour is also possible for people not able to swim as well as for children but only if under the responsibility of family members.
Check with your hotel or with our team leaders the exact time of the pick up.
No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted onboard an no refunds will be given.
Tell us in you want a vegetarian menu (no extra costs) or want a private boat, (with additional costs).

All reservations of excursions and programs made through us will contribute to sustainable development.
Cancellations are subject to a charge.
The refunds are at discretion of SeaMonkey Business but normally follow the cancellation policies decided by the service provider. Prices are not guaranteed until confirmed. Reservations are upon availability.
All bookings have to be made directly with us but are upon the conditions imposed by the service provider.
The payment of the complete amount has to be done at the end of the reservation process. Credit cards are not accepted.

Payments can be done using Pay Pal or Bank Deposit.

Fishing Trips and other tours:
All the tours can be done by contracting directly on the island if you want we can pre-arrange the tours for you.

Mini Fishing
1/2 day 150 USD per boat  / max. 4 pax
Deep sea fishing
1/2 day 250 USD per boat  / max. 4 pax
Cabo Catoche fishing
1/2 day 350 USD per boat  / max. 4 pax
Fly Fishing
3/4 day 375 USD per boat  / max. 2 pax
Shell tour
1/2 day 20 USD per person / min. 4 pax
Classic tour of the island
1/2 day 25 USD per person / min. 4 pax
Tour Horse back riding
2 hours 40 USD per person / min. 2 pax
Tour of the island by golf car
2 hours 25 USD per person / min. 6 pax
Slalom in the river with the kayak
1/2 day 45 USD per person / min. 2 pax
* Rates per person per night double occupancy. Taxes not included. Rates are in US Dollars.
** RO: Room only, RM: Room with meal plans, AI: All Inclusive room.
Casa Las Tortugas RM Cottage Isla Holbox Beach $21  
Casa Sandra Hotel & Holistic Spa  Promo RM Cottage Isla Holbox Beach $55  
Faro Viejo RM 3 Stars Isla Holbox Beach $36  
Villas Delfines  Promo RM, RO 4 Stars Isla Holbox Beach $29  
Wayak Holbox RO Cottage Isla Holbox Beach $31  
Xaloc Resort RM Boutique Isla Holbox Beach $46  
hotels on the beach in holboxstreets of holbox

Driving Directions to Isla Holbox-Chiquila from Cancun, Q. Roo Mexico

Coming from Cancun by car you would take Hwy# 180 (free road not the toll road) east to the town of El Ideal, passing through many small Mayan villages on the way. At El Ideal you will see signs to Holbox and Kantunilkin, take this road north. turn right if coming from Cancun. At one point there will be a fork in the road with left turn to Tizimin and right to Chiquila. You want to take the road to Chiquila driving through the town of Kantunilkin and the village of Solferino. Trip is approx. 3 hours . There are parking lots in Chiquil. Here in Chiquila the ferry departs for Holbox island.

If you have a car leave it in a parking spot to the right of the gas station the cost is about 3 dollars per day. They are private homes with some covered garage spaces.

You can also take a bus from the main bus station in Cancun or private vans can be arranged prior to your arrival to Cancun airport.  One other option is taking a small airplane to Holbox.

Getting to Holbox from Chiquinla.

Ferry Schedule

Chiquinla to Isla Holbox 9 Hermanos Ferry service price 4 dollars per person.
Times: 6am,8am,10am,12n,2pm,4pm,5pm, and last crossing 7pm.

Isla Holbox to Chiquinla 9 Hermanos Ferry service price 4 dollars per person.
Times: 5am,7am,9am,11am,1pm,3pm,4pm,and last crossing 6pm.

Crossing time is approximately 25-30 minutes.

However if you don't want to wait take a private boat for about 20 dollars. Ask the fisherman to take you across. They don't really have times. I personally have taken them across at 11pm.

If you have a car leave it in a parking spot to the right of the gas station the cost is about 3 dollars per day. They are private homes with some covered garage spaces.

Transportation on Holbox
transportation in holbox island all by golf cartsWell what can we say, wear comfortable flip-flops, you walk everywhere. They do have golf carts that function like taxis and you can rent them also on an hourly basis or all day. We rented a golf cart for 4 hours and that was plenty to see all the island.

How to get their:
Transportation from Cancun Airport to Isla Holbox
prices as of 03 March 2006
same prices apply if you want to go from Isla Holbox to Airport
1 to 7 persons $300 price for a private van not per person
8 to 10 persons $400 price for a private van
If your flight arrives between 9pm and 7am please add $50 dollars to the price listed.


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