Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Review of Book Tepian (kota ini belum mati)

Tepian (kota ini belum mati) is a book written by my friend Denny Hermawan. This book tells many stories about Tepian. desing cover by trauma madz irama.

book contains 12 short stories is very interesting to read. I get something different when reading this book. writers really explore the beautiful words in his book. talked about life, love, culture and art and nature. This book can be purchased through writing or email and

more info click

order now and enjoy every inch of his stories.


Larung 23 April 2011 04.02  

good job...
lets go bordeeeeeer...

Anonim 23 April 2011 05.18  


Terselubung Sekali 23 April 2011 08.15  

Penulisnya siapa tu gan???

Ady Xp 23 April 2011 09.10  

tu org nya yg komen paling pertama...

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