Senin, 04 April 2011

Lorenzo Alex Criville Same Records Motogp

Jerez - Jorge Lorenzo equal the record of winning 15 times former racer Alex Criville. Lorenzo became the second rider from Spain who achieve success in MotoGP.

Amazingly from the leading five riders at the Jerez circuit (Casey Stoner, Lorenzo, Marco Simoncelli, Andrea Dovizioso and Ben Spies), Lorenzo is the only rider who did not fall within the Spanish MotoGP race on Sunday.

The right combination of speed and patience, turned out to be the key to the success of Lorenzo being the best at the Jerez circuit. Now, the star that topped Racing Yamaha MotoGP standings, while winning nine points from Dani Pedrosa.

Practically, this is Lorenzo's first victory on the track wet. "This is the most patient race I have ever done. It's incredible victory, where we need and I feel very happy," he continued reported by on Monday (04/04/2011).

"It also became my first victory on the track wet, the first time. Now, we can focus to improve the performance of our motors, so they can reach many points on the next race,"added the defending champion MotoGP.

"King of Spain had said, I will find luck, after meeting in Madrid, last February, he was right. With a very tight competition, I can not imagine leading the MotoGP standings," he said.


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