Senin, 04 April 2011

Fifa End Position Statement Nurdin Halid (PSSI)

ZURICH - FIFA finally take a stance on the ongoing turmoil associated PSSI body. Highest in the world football authority has just made ​​an announcement that its contents on the establishment of Normalization Committee.

In a statement released on thehis official website on Monday ( 04/04/2011 )declaredthe emergency committee of FIFA through the decision -makingrefersto article 7 paragraph 2 of the FIFA statutes . Emphasized that the normalization committee will take over the management role PSSI who served now.

FIFA's Emergency Committee to assess the current leadership PSSI proved unable to control the football in the country, as the real proof is their failure to control the LPI and the fact that they are not able to implement the congress to adopt the electoral code.

In conclusion then menyimpulan emergency committee that PSSI has lost lost all credibility in Indonesia and not in a position to lead the rescue process of the present crisis.

Also mentioned normalization committee will hold elections by the electoral code and the statutes of FIFA PSSI that existed prior to May 21, 2011. In addition, FIFA also ordered that the LPI be in control by the FA or should be dismissed immediately. To continue the activities of PSSI will conduct a series of reconciliation for the good of football in the land.

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