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The Evolution of Marine Technology GPSMAP 7000 (Garmin)

Unleash never-before-seen power across your helm with the Garmin GPSMAP® 6000/7000 series network chartplotters. Featuring Garmin G Motion™ technology, these ultra-fast chartplotters come standard with high-speed graphical processors that deliver nearly two times the map-drawing agility and performance of their predecessors.

Connect to Your Network

Both the GPSMAP 6000 and 7000 series offer expanded "plug-and-play" access to onboard sensors, with NMEA 2000 and Garmin Marine Network connectivity. So, it's easy to access and control a whole array of network assets from any compatible plotter on your boat: Everything from autopilot and engine sensors to VHF radios, onboard radar, digital sonar, XM WX® satellite weather* with NEXRAD, AIS traffic monitoring, live-cam security video, and more.

Experience BlueChart® g2 Functionality

The GPSMAP 6000 and 7000 series offer support for optional BlueChart g2 Vision SD card data - adding a whole new dimension of exceptional features to your chartplotter.
g2 Vision g2 Vision
With BlueChart® g2 Vision® cards, you'll have access such premium features as true 3-D "Mariner's Eye" and underwater "Fish Eye" perspective views, plus Auto Guidance capability to suggest the best passages, and "real picture" aerial photo-reference with marine points-of-interest (POI) location data.
*U.S. coverage only. Subscriptions required to activate XM Satellite-linked services.


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