Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Opera Mini Record 100 Million Users

OSLO, - Opera Mini enlisting the world's most popular mobile browser to reach 100 million users until the end of March 2011. With so many users, the browser is now used to open 2 billion web page views per day.

"Sweeeet!" Lars said Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software briefly in a press release received, Friday (4/8/2011).

This achievement is surprising because just two months since Opera announced a 100 million users of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Number of users of Opera Mini continues to rise significantly with an average of 11 million every month since February 2011. In fact, the number of new users reached 50 million in February 2010.

While two billion page views per day doubled the figure of one billion page views per day since July 2010.

Opera Mini browser now supports more than 3000 models of different phones, from basic phones (feature phones) to smart phones. Compression technology from Opera Mini to 90 percent before sent to the phone, make a page to be downloaded faster and cost effective. Its features are similar to the Opera browser for a computer, such as tabbed browsing, password manager, bookmarks, and Speed ​​Dial.

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